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Countertops Direct provides kitchen and bath cabinetry, granite and quartz countertops and expert design service at competitive pricing for the professional contractor trade or do-it-yourselfer. 

We carry a full range of cabinet price points from quick delivery stock value products, built-to-order semi-custom units to the highest quality full custom cabinetry. 

We have major national brand name and imported cabinet lines, with many different price points. Our primary built-to-order kitchen cabinet lines take around 4-5 weeks from production to our location or delivered on project site.  We also have available 10-14 working day delivery on our quick ship fully assembled stock lines as well as stock cabinets within a few days.

We have a complete countertop selection offering granite and most types of quartz materials. We feature some of the best granite countertop prices and service in the area. Granite, quartz and other stone counter tops with fabrication, delivery and installation usually take 7-10 working days from the time the template is complete.  See below for How to Measure Tips.  TALK TO A CABINET CONCIERGE at 586.477.2700.


How to Measure Your Kitchen


Whether designing your dream kitchen or altering an existing one, the best plans begin with measuring properly. Here are some great tips for accurate measuring and planning your space.


Kitchen Measuring Tips to Know Before You Go


1.       Ensure accuracy. You’ll need: a tape measure, a straight edge and graph paper.


2.       Measure clockwise. Measure and record the overall length of each wall, working to your right around the room.


3.       Get the width and height. Take horizontal measurements of walls at 36-inch height. Record vertical measurements; floor to           windowsill, from windowsill to top of window, from top of window to ceiling, then from floor to ceiling.


4.       Find the center. Mark the centerline of all permanent features in your measurements and design. Including wall oven,                   range, sinks, windows, doors, closets, ducts and outlets.


5.       Include the trim. When measuring doors and windows, the trim / casing is considered part of the door or window. Measure          from one side to the other of the door or window trim / casing, then measure from the outside of the trim / casing to the              middle of the window or door.


Call us for with any questions!

Countertops Direct Design Assistance 586.741.5329 Fort Gratiot or 586.477.2700 Harrison Township 

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